Why choose All About Fun for your 2015 Grad Night???

When you think Grad Party, think All About Fun! At All About Fun we create the Grad Night event your Seniors are going to love.! Whether you need us to facilitate the whole event, or just the entertainment, All About Fun will meet you where you’re at and take care of everything you prefer not to.


Need a Facility to hold your Graduation Party?

For more than a decade All About Fun has been holding events in nearly every facility in the Portland Metro area, and we are happy to share this hands-on expertise with you at no charge.  If you’d like to explore the “ins & outs” and “benefits & draw backs” to the many options ahead of you, please give us a call. A facility right for one school, may be wrong for the next. We’ll help you choose the right facility for your group and provide options to lock-in the right price too.

Although some planners may claim to have exclusive relationships with facilities that only book through them, these claims are simply Not True. Your Facility Chairs have equal power, if not more, to call and book direct where they’d like. You’re also free to use whatever Grad Party company you choose, to execute the entertainment or book the facility…. after all, It’s Your Party!  We’re happy to assist with proper guidance and direction if a supposed “exclusive” arrangement” gets in your way, we’ll be there for you….

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Looking for a Catering Package for your Grad Night?

Although we don’t require you to use our food services at your Grad Night event, if you’d like us to put together a catering package and handle all your food service needs we’d be happy to.  We offer a simple selection of food that’s sure to satisfy your graduates’ hungry appetites and at an affordable rate too. Give us a call to find out more…

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Want to find a Grad Party Package that fits?

When your thinking entertainment, think All About Fun. We offer a HUGE selection of items that your kids are going to love. We built our entertainment arsenal specifically for the Grad Party event so you’ll find the right entertainment that your teens and young will love. When you call, you’ll realize your dealing with entertainment and event experts. We ask you the right questions in order to get a feel for what your audience is hungry for, then put together a selection that your kids are sure to love.  We also understand in today’s economy, how price-conscious you have to be while planning an unforgettable event.  With this in mind, All About Fun is proud to continually offer affordable pricing without compromising on staffing or the integrity of your event.

In order to satisfy the many needs of any Grad Party, most entertainment companies have to outsource, outsource, outsource in order to put together a complete entertainment package. This means the Grad Party Committee, in addition to paying for the entertainment selection, will also be paying a substantial mark-up on top of the true item rental price. We offer most of our services “In-House” so you don’t pay excessive mark-up fees related to exorbitant outsourcing.  All that we offer, including Inflatables and Interactive, Casino Equipment and Party Services, D.J. Services, Video Karaoke and Photo Keychains…. and more, are truly done “In-House”.  Just think how much of your hard-earned funds will be working directly for your graduates’ enjoyment, avoiding needless markups, by booking directly with the hands-ons source of Fun, All About Fun; this could literally mean thousands in savings.

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Don’t get pressured to make a BAD Grad Party Planning  decision!

It’s typical – it’s March and other Junior parents are starting to talk about Grad Night, even though it’s more than a year away.  You get word that there is a committee meeting and they need your help to plan this huge event, so you attend.  Because you’re a giver and have always been an “involved” parent, you volunteer to be one of the committee heads.  You think “this will be a FUN experience, I have some extra time and my child is definitely worth it.”  Next thing you know the FUN in this experience is gone.  Your phone starts ringing off the hook with Grad Party planners trying to get you to commit “NOW” to their Grad Party planning services.  They say things like, “You must book NOW, or your not going to have a grad party”, or “If you wait, all the facilities will be gone”.  You also may be told that the facilities work “exclusively” with this particular planner, and if you don’t book “NOW” you’re going to lose it.  In fear, you call all the other committee members together for an emergency meeting and notify them that you must make a decision “NOW”.  Although your gut instinct tells you this price seems really expensive for what you’re getting, and you don’t really understand exactly how they came up with the price anyhow (because it’s concealed within a “price per head” package), you sign.  After summer ends you regroup with other committee members and realize that under pressure you committed to a $25,000 party package and all that’s included is a bowling alley, a few live entertainers, 4 casino tables, pizza and pop. You now start second guessing the decision you made to sign back in April and become curious about what other options you could have had if you waited.   Soon you realize you may have overpaid thousands, and for same budget could have gotten near twice the entertainment package.  The problem is, it’s too late, and you’re locked in by contract.

You may think that this scenario is far fetched, but it’s the same story we hear time and time again.


We are committed to providing you the best entertainment package at the best price.  We also will not compromise our service to shave dollars off our overhead.  We provide the most event staff, the most management support and most “Bang for your Buck” in the Portland Metro area, bar none.

At All About Fun you won’t experience the high pressure “Buy Now” sales tactic used and abused by other planners.  We’ll give you the advice, the support, the patience and the attention you require. Want us to attend your committee meetings, check availability on facilities, help out with fund raising ideas…. Just ask!

This Grad Season make sure you know what your

paying for

Whether it be a facility, catering package or entertainment selection, at All About Fun it’s our policy to tell you exactly what your paying for.  No “price per head” packages here!  We clearly spell-out every item you select on your order, and price it to the penny, so it’s easy to make changes if you fall short of your financial goals.

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Before you commit to any other Grad Party planners, please do your graduates a big favor and give us a call.  When you call All About Fun, you’ll quickly realize how fun & easy we make the Grad Party planning process happen for you; add that to the savings we can offer, and you’ll be glad you did….